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Meredith Tucker, CPA

Kaufman, Rossin, & Co., P.A.

"As a mom, I've been so blessed to never worry about how I'm going to provide a fresh nutritious meal to my little one, but I know we have many neighbors who cannot say the same. I joined the board of LifeNet4Families to help the mothers and fathers who need a hand-up most."

Martin E. Basson, Esq.

Vice Chair
Tax Controversy Consultant

"This is the second time I have served as a Board Member (prior term 2002 – 2008). As the Chairperson of United Way's Emergency Allocation Committee from 1992 – 2001, I was introduced to the incredible work being performed every day by LifeNet4Families. When my term at United Way ended I wanted to join the Board of what I believed was the most effective and efficient charity serving those in need in Broward County. I am honored to be back on the Board, and look forward to supporting this wonderful organization once again." 

Danielle Doss-Brown

Theory into Practice, LLC.

"I have always had a passion for addressing disparities. When I read the mission of LifeNet4Families and was given a "signature" tour of the organization, I was immediately inspired to get involved. LifeNet4Families meets the most dire needs of the community. I think that's simply amazing."

Jeffrey Kostick

Board Member
Flying Chimp Media

"Food is not a luxury. It is heartbreaking to know that others in our community don't know whether they can feed their children, let alone themselves. Nobody should have to worry whether they can eat that day, and Iam proud to be part of an organization to help those who do."

Eli Math

Board Member
Keller Williams Realty Professionals

"Blessings come in many forms. Each of us can find something or someone that has bettered our world and made us a better person. I greet each day with this philosophy and look for opportunities to share and create blessings. My involvement with LifeNet4Families enables me to continue on this path and "pay it forward" to individuals and my community. I have been given many blessings in my life and I want to help others who are struggling in their lives to have hope."

Anthony H. Quackenbush, Esquire

Board Member

"I wanted to get involved in the LifeNet4Families program because I believe that it is the responsibility of the fortunate and the educated to help the downtrodden. I believe that the purpose of an education is not to allow one to get rich or to line one's pockets. Rather, the purpose of an education is to enable one to aid others who need assistance. An "educated" person who does not seek to help the unfortunate is not truly educated at all. I am excited to be a member of the LifeNet4Families board. I am honored to be a part of this amazing organization. Martin Luther King said that ‘You will never be what you ought to be until they (the unfortunate, downtrodden) are what they ought to be.' I am hopeful that LifeNet4Families will help me to be what I ought to be."

Rocki Rockingham

Board Member
Jarden Consumer Solutions

"LifeNet4Families is one of Broward County's largest social service agencies that provides food, counseling, clothing, food stamps, showers, mailroom and other services to individuals and families in need. Some 500-700 people receive help here daily."

Robin Wolfer

Board Member

Wolfer & Company

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