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LifeNet4Families is committed to helping our community get healthy. A grant from the Health Foundation of South Florida has helped us take important nutrition information into the community. Utilizing the latest in technology the "Fooducate" app and website provide families with their own personal nutritionist. The app gives food an A-D rating and helps families select foods that combat obesity and chronic diseases, more prevalent in low-income, minority populations. While shopping, the app scans and rates foods, giving best choice options and suggests food substitutes that are healthy. Fooducate's mobile application is to help families make better choices and provide helpful nutrition information they can share with the customers they serve.   

About Health Foundation of South Florida

Health Foundation of South Florida, a nonprofit grantmaking organization, is dedicated to improving health in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. By advancing health solutions, the Foundation makes a measurable and sustainable impact in ensuring access to affordable, quality health services for all residents, especially the underserved. Since 1993, the Foundation has awarded more than $95 million in grants and program support. For more information, please call 305.374.7200 or visit Also visit for information on the Foundation's Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative of South Florida.

About Fooducate

Fooducate powers food purchase decisions. The company's goal is to help shoppers choose healthy, tasty, and affordable food, and to affect positive change on the food industry. Fooducate's tools include free apps (Android, iPhone) and daily blog ( The company was founded by Hemi Weingarten, a tech entrepreneur, foodie, and father of three young children. For more information about Fooducate, please visit This program promotes healthy eating and nutrition education to adults, children and their families. Utilizing Fooducate, a free mobile app, it lets consumers scan a barcode to discover a food's nutritional value (summarized as a letter grade, from A to D) and even suggests healthier alternatives. Adults are informed on-site at LifeNet4Families. The Coordinator of Client Services suggest recipes that incorporate items distributed through the Pantry program and encourages clients to use pantry staples to create nutritious, satisfying meals. Emphasis is placed on the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables to ensure that participants learn about vitamins and minerals and their impact on healthy living.






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