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Meet the community leaders that comprise LIfeNet4Familiies' Board of Directors:

Rocki Rockingham

Board Chair
GE Appliances

Will Spencer

Board Vice Chair
211 Broward

Scott May

Board Secretary
Insight Institute, LLC

"LifeNet4Families provides food, clothing, and many other services to the hungry and the homeless in Broward County. I believe inthe mission and have seen the impact, as I first volunteered at LifeNet4Families nearly 20 years ago. I am honored to support the hard-working dedicated team at LifeNet4Families, and may we all support this worthy organization."

Les Campbell, CPA

Board Treasurer
HJ Sims & Co.

"I have always enjoyed "giving back", and to me LifeNet4Families is a great opportunity to help some of the neediest folks in our community.  What I particularly like about LifeNet is that it endeavors to do more than just distribute food to hungry people, as important as that is. LifeNet's programs help its clients move towards self-sufficiency and gives them real hope. I am proud to be involved with the organization, and look forward to helping it fulfil its mission in the coming years."

Heidi Alzate Kaufman, CFRE

Board Member
Heidi Alzate Consulting

"No person or child should go to bed hungry in Broward County. With this said, it is my goal to join the Board as an advocate for this community's most vulnerable and continue to work closely with our Leaders to elevate the presence of our organization and the impact we make every day."

Andrew Cagnetta

Board Member
Transworld Business Brokers, LLC

"I wanted to get involved in the LifeNet4Families program because I believe that it is the responsibility of the fortunate and the educated to help the downtrodden. I believe that the purpose of an education is not to allow one to get rich or to line one's pockets. Rather, the purpose of an education is to enable one to aid others who need assistance. An "educated" person who does not seek to help the unfortunate is not truly educated at all. I am excited to be a member of the LifeNet4Families board. I am honored to be a part of this amazing organization. Martin Luther King said that ‘You will never be what you ought to be until they (the unfortunate, downtrodden) are what they ought to be.' I am hopeful that LifeNet4Families will help me to be what I ought to be."

Joe Feinberg

Board Member
Allied Kitchen and Bath

"I'm happy to be involved in an organization that truly gives back to members of our community who need a helping hand. We all should know that life is not about me-its about we. One of the most valuable lessons I was taught growing up by my parents was, if your able to help others, then it's your obligation to do so!  Because when you give, you get more in return then you gave! And giving not only changes people's lives, it saves people's lives. You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give."

Laura Geary

Board Member
Pirtle Construction

"I believe every person counts and sometimes people just need a little extra help. They need to know that there are people out there that really do care about them. LifeNet is the place in our community that can do that, and I'm looking forward to helping this organization grow even more so we can meet the many needs of the homeless population in Broward County."

Learn more about Laura

Dr. Jason H. Jackson

Board Member
IBS Investment Bank

"In a saturated social media environment, it is important to exercise diligence when choosing a non-profit to support. LifeNet has a decades-long track record of providing a multitude of services that tangibly impacts the community. You can witness the need for LifeNet within seconds of pulling into the parking lot. I am proud to support the organization as it continues to meet the needs of underserved populations throughout South Florida."

Learn more about Jason

Matt Lookretis

Board Member
Synovus Bank

Erika Royal, Esq.

Board Member
The Life Coach School

"LifeNet is an amazing organization that addresses an important, but often overlooked need in our community. I am proud to support LifeNet because, in addition to providing needed services, the organization creates and holds space for its clients to have hope and pursue change by believing in them. LifeNet is constantly looking for ways to grow and evolve as an agency so that its clients may also grow and evolve. In this way, LifeNet offers a unique value proposition to its clients that sets it apart from a lot of other nonprofits."

Learn more about Erika

Barry Sanders

Board Member
Knight Insurance of Broward

"I became involved in Lifenet4families through Andy's Pasta Dinner 16 years ago. Yes, one of the original chefs! I was able to see all the good that Lifenet4families does, but how needy they are in terms of volunteers and funds. I saw the need to help this charitable organization and thought this is where I will spend my energy! I advocate for Lifenet4families daily and through my insurance association, have made Lifenet4families our charity of choice. I'm proud to be part of the solution here in Broward County!"

Learn more about Barry

Robin Wolfer, CPA

Board Member
Wolfer & Company

"About 15 years ago, I was asked to attend a board meeting and check out this worthwhile charitable organization.  I was hooked.  Even though I took a few years off the board, I'm glad to be back and be a part of an organization that not only truly helps people improve their situation, but also to better themselves.  Maya Angelou said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."  I am proud to be part of an organization that helps our community and its individuals with respect and dignity."


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