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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Fundraising

What is the Mission of LifeNet4Families?

To be a seamless system of care for those in need in Broward County, by providing necessary food, ancillary services and referrals.

Who does LifeNet4Families help?

LifeNet4Families helps homeless individuals and families, as well as families that are facing economic hardship.

How large is the homeless and food insecure population in Broward County?

Data from Broward County states that on any given night there are almost 1,981 homeless individuals and families in Broward County. Sadly, it is estimated that there are 326 homeless children attending Broward County Schools.  Nearly 286,780 people are food insecure, meaning consistent access to adequate food is limited by a lack of money and other resources at times during the year.  This includes 85,560 children who go to bed hungry.

Who are the demographics of people at LifeNet4Families?

Approximately 76% of the population is male.

70% of the population falls between the ages of 16 and over.

36% are White, 38% Black, 11% Hispanic, 1% Asian, and 8% other.

62% of the population receiving social service are homeless.

24% are disabled, 9% are seniors, while 3% of the population are veterans.    

What are some of the challenges?

The major challenges associated with homelessness are unemployment and a lack of affordable housing. In addition, poor health, substance abuse, mental health and behavioral health problems, family dysfunction, and eviction play a large role in creating homelessness.

What services does LifeNet4Families offer?

LifeNet4Families works to ensure that individuals and families residing in Broward County and facing hardships are able to obtain food and other basic necessities. While reducing hunger is the primary goal of the organization, LifeNet4Families works to help clients regain or maintain stability by providing clients with access to on-site shower facilities, haircuts, clothing, on-site nurse,referrals,case management, rapid HIV testing,public benefits screening,emergency financial assistance, mailing address usage, and mail retrieval services.

On an average day, 250 people—men, women, and children, are provided with a hot meal. Each year, LifeNet4Families provides more than 5,000 hours of case management services, responds to more than 30,000 phone inquiries, receives, and distributes mail—including social security, disability and veterans' checks, to hundreds of homeless clients who are without a permanent address. In addition to all of this, LifeNet4Families has also helped process more than 4,000 families into the Florida SNAP Program, more commonly know as food stamps.

Does LifeNet4Families have any religious or political affiliations?

No, LifeNet4Families is an independent, 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization and does not have any religious or political affiliations. LifeNet4Families helps individuals and families regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, or background.

What are the hours of operation?

Hot Meals are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Monday to Saturday:

8:30 am to 11:00 am 

Sunday: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Emergency Food Pantry

Monday to Friday:

11:30 am to 3:00 pm

Please bring proof of residence such as a lease or utility bill.


Monday to Friday:

8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Does LifeNet4Families utilize volunteers?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of LifeNet4Families providing over 21,092 hours of service each year. Throughout the year, approximately 600 volunteers give of themselves in service to the hungry and homeless in various ways: serving meals to the homeless in our Community Kitchen; preparing and distributing emergency food boxes through our Food Pantry program; organizing food and other types of collection drives, making sandwiches for the homeless, advocating for the hungry and raising awareness throughout the community; and much, much more.

What type of training is required to become a LifeNet4Families volunteer?

Volunteers are required to complete an application. All volunteers complete training in accordance with LifeNet4Families' standards and guidelines and are trained in sensitivity and inclusion, to provide "people first" service. Volunteers receivean overview of the agency and are oriented on the overall expectations of assigned tasks. All Food handler volunteers work under the close supervision of LifeNet4Families' Manager, Dining Services.  

What can volunteers expect?

Volunteers fill a variety of positions, including:

Community Kitchen
Greet guests, serve the morning meal, light clean-up. Time commitment: 8:15 – 12:00pm. (3 hours, 45 minutes)

Food Pantry/Drive-Thru/Warehouse
Stock shelves, prepare food boxes, put together hygiene kits, assist families with food boxes, sort clothing and household donations. Time commitment: (2 hour minimum)

Sandwich-Making Program
Make and deliver sandwiches to us, once or on a regular schedule, which we give to our homeless customers after they have eaten in the Community Kitchen. Time commitment: (1hour minimum)

Food and Other Collection Drives
Collect non-perishable food, socks, hygiene items, adult and children's diapers, and clothing (especially men's clothing). Time commitment: (varies)

Administrative Support
Filing; photocopying, data entry; and similar duties Time commitment: (2 hour minimum)

Deep cleaning, painting, landscaping, building shelves, moving office furniture, etc. Time commitment: (varies)

How is LifeNet4Families funded?

LifeNet4Families relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations to fund the operations of the organization. As a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, monetary donations, grants, contributions and gifts-in-kind are used to operate the organization. Approximately 49% comes from Government & USDA Foods (In-kind donations of food, clothing, furniture and services) which helps offset many expenses that we would otherwise incur. 34% of our revenue comes from private corporations and charitable foundations. The remainder comes from fundraising events and individual contributions.  

All donations directly benefit the individuals and families we serve and are appreciated.

Does LifeNet4Families have bi-lingual staff?

Yes, Spanish-speaking staff and volunteers are available to assist, if necessary. However, LifeNet4Families' Client Services Coordinators are not fluent in a second language.

What can I do to help? 

There are many ways that you can support LifeNet4Families including: donations, event sponsorships, community-based fundraisers and events, and community drives. The agency also accepts in-kind gifts of goods and services and offers volunteer opportunities for those who wish to have a hands-on experience.  You can also make a one-time or ongoing monthly contribution by visiting    

More questions?

Call us at 954.792.2328 or Email 

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