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Summer Hunger

Can you help a child from 
going hungry this summer?


Get in contact with us and get involved!
(954) 792-2328

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2019 Campaign Against Summer Youth Hunger

Title: 2019 Campaign Against Summer Youth Hunger

Hosted by: LifeNet4Families

Days to Close:  46

Goal: $ 25,000.00
2019 Campaign Against Summer Youth Hunger

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$ 2,075.00

In Broward County, 50% of residents meet poverty definitions, with more than 74,000 children combating food insecurity.  

Through our Summer Food Box Program, LifeNet4Families helps over 1,000 school-age children and their families receive healthy easy-to-prepare food during the summer months.

With your support today, we are one step closer to raising enough funds to add another 100 children and families to this important program.  This means we need to fundraise $250 for each of the 100 children we seek to add to the program so they have food for the entire summer.  As we embark of this $25,000 endeavor, we hope to count with the support of our friends and neighbors in our tight-knit community.

Giving today will ensure more children in our community can eat every day in the coming months:

•     For $25, you could cover lunch for a child for one week

•     For $100, you could cover lunch for a child for one month

•     For $250, you could cover lunch for a child for one summer

Help us focus on the challenge, so the children may focus on just being kids this summer! 

Thank you in advance for your support and tell all your friends!  Have a safe summer ahead.

Your donation supports our mission!


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