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Summer Hunger

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Broward County Community Kitchen

LifeNet4Families offers daily, hot, nutritious meals in our community kitchen. While mainly serving Broward's ever-expanding homeless population, the dining room is also the place where hungry families can visit during the summer when no school meals are available.

The community kitchen is open to anyone who is in need. Diners await the opening of the center at 8:30 a.m. On most days, the food distribution is completed by 11:00 a.m. If it's close to the end of the month and people have exhausted all their money and food, we often see a sharp increase in the number of people waiting on line to eat. On those days, the kitchen will remain open a bit longer to facilitate all those who have waited in line to get some food.

Lunch: LifeNet4Families expanded to include a carry away lunch. We were observing hungry people cutting in line two or three times trying to stockpile food. Empty styrofoam coffee cups were filled with spaghetti and shoved into back pockets. Other folks found containers in the garbage and were taking second and third trays of food, only to scoop up the second helping and stash it for dinner. Concerned about health and safety issues, along with the time period some people had to wait in the hot sun while others returned to the serving line multiple times, we allowed our diners only one trip through the service line, but provided them a take a way lunch. Sometimes, sandwiches are provided by schools, churches or civic groups that committed to making those sandwiches on a continual basis. We also receive salvaged sandwiches from the Extra Helpings food delivery program. The program collects day old food from convenience stores and gives it to us to distribute to the hungry. Currently, we are distributing about 200 sandwiches or lunch packs each day.

Our kitchen was built with a sponsorship from the American Culinary Federation. The serving line carries the name of our long-time supporter Publix Super Markets Charities.  

Publix: The spirit of giving George Jenkins founded Publix with the spirit of giving in mind. He was once asked, "If you hadn't given away so much, how much do you think you would be worth today?" His response, without hesitation: "Probably nothing." In tribute to his shining example, Publix continues to be a corporate giving leader.







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