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Each month, we will bring to light a client, volunteer, community partner, and/or event that best highlights great things happening over at LifeNet4Families!


Current Spotlight - Meet Angela!


This month, we wanted to share the story of one of our clients.



Angela came to LifeNet4Families two years ago, and we had an opportunity to chat with her today about the role this organization has played in her life and what's next:


"I heard about LifeNet4Families back in 2017, when I found myself without a place to live. I met Norm, my Case Manager, and I have been working with him ever since.

My experience from the beginning was good because he helped out a lot. Having showers on-site and case management was a real help. He got me a free bus pass, and helped me get new social security and state IDs when my wallet was stolen.

I continue coming to Lifenet for support and I am currently figuring out housing options. I also started working four weeks ago this Friday. I got a job on my own and I love it. I love meeting new people, working with my supervisors, and learning new tasks every day. Navigating the bus routes on the weekends has been interesting but my supervisors have worked with me to build my work schedule.

I don't mind working late, and while my body may be be tired sometimes, my mind is always ready to learn new things. Just yesterday I was assigned drive-through prep, and was praised for my speed. I will begin working the afternoon shift, which is our busiest time of the day. I feel good and look forward to this next chapter of my life. What does the future hold? I could see myself in management five years from now."


Thank you Angela for sharing a little bit of your story with us today!


Having access to a hot meal, shower operations, nurses, hygiene products, clothing, case management, and group sessions are some of the many tools clients can access at LifeNet4Families everyday.


With tax season behind us, and the holidays near, won't you consider donating today to help Angela and other clients to help make a difference?



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