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The Challenge

For many children, summer means a wave of warm weather, summer camps, new adventures, and a welcomed reprieve from homework, tests, and early bed times.  Yet, when the afternoon bell rings on the last day of class, the reality that hunger does not take summers off begins to sink in.  

In Broward County, 50% of residents meet poverty definitions, with more than 74,000 children combating food insecurity.  Parents already struggling to provide for their family find themselves looking for ways to provide breakfast and lunch for their kids (previously available at low or no cost during the school year).


The Solution

Through our Summer Food Box Program, LifeNet4Families helps over 1,000 school-age children and their families receive healthy easy-to-prepare food during the summer months.

This year, we seek to expand this important program to another 100 children and their families.  By raising $250 for each of the 100 children added to the program, this important endeavor will ensure additional children and their families have enough food for the entire summer.


The Call to Action

As a 501(c)(3), LifeNet4Families relies on contributions from individuals, corporations, and local organizations to help fulfill this mission. 

We Need You.

Giving today will ensure more children in our community can eat every day for the remainder of the summer:

•     For $25, you could cover lunch for a child for one week

•     For $100, you could cover lunch for a child for one month

•     For $250, you could cover lunch for a child for one summer

Help us focus on the challenge, so the children may focus on just being kids this summer! 

We hope you will consider supporting this important campaign against youth hunger and invite your friends to pitch in.  Thank you in advance for your support and have a safe summer ahead.