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As an organization that strives to continue providing our clients with the best services out there in order to get them back on their feet and grab a hold of the reigns of their lives, we find ourselves needing additional tools that will gurantee our success. With your help, we are sure that we will be able to make a bigger impact in our community and we will be able to help more of Broward County's residents.

Thank you for your help, time, and treasures!


  • Professional Cleaning/Sanitizing (annual) - $800
  • Deep Fryer
  • Kitchen Mats with LifeNet logo
  • Steam Table


  • Forklift - $20,000
  • Walk-In Cooler or Commercial Deep Freezer - $10,000
  • Clothing Hoppers/Tall Plastic Containers on Wheels (6) - $2,400
  • Refrigerated Box Truck, 26 foot - $66,873
  • Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum - $650
  • Wacker Neuson (model # PST2 400) Submersible Pump with hose attachment – $360


  • Exit Door and Closure - $5,000
  • Vandal-Resistant Automatic Foam Soap/Sanitizer Dispenser (5 x $243 each) - $1,215
  • Vandal-Resistant High Capacity Toiler Paper Dispenser (5 x $222 each) - $1,110
  • Drain Cleaning (Back Lot) - $400
  • Floors: Power washed and buffed (include stairwells) - $500  
  • Building Signage (Lighted) - $3,000


  • ID Maker - Volunteer & HR - $1,499


  • Donor Management System - $3,000


  • Commercial Fireproof/Waterproof Safe - $500


  • Client Laundry Cards (one load wash/dry) (400) - $2,000


LifeNet4Families "Spring Spruce Up" is taking place during the months of April and May 2021. This is a beautification project to improve the LifeNet Facility and Grounds located at 1 NW 33rd Terrace in Lauderhill, FL 33311.

We are seeking help!  Call 954 - 792 - 2328 or email if you can help or contribute to the following needs:

  • Buildings - Pressure wash and Painting. We need a company to donate time and equipment to pressure wash and paint our two buildings.
  • Landscape Plants - Privacy Hedges. We are looking for someone to donate hedges and/or plants that can be planted at our fence line for privacy.
  •  Sod - Pallets of St Augustine grass 
  • Bags of Mulch - 2 Pallets (red). We are seeking a donation of (2) pallets of bagged mulch to be delivered to LifeNet campus. 
  • Graphics Vinyl Wrap - LifeNet4Families delivery truck and LifeNet4Families facility garage door.
  • Mural - LifeNet4 Families Building.  Our warehouse building is being painted. We are looking for a talented team to donate time and talent to paint our logo and  beautify the building with mural art. 
  • Blacktop for the Parking Lot  

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