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Volunteer Q & A

Volunteers are a very important element to our organization, and we want to make sure your experience is meaningful and fun. We have some frequently asked questions that may help you make your decision to volunteer.


What is the minimum age a person can volunteer?

Due to safety reasons, the youngest age is 12 years old. A child under 16 must have a parent present during volunteering. Any child under 18, cannot interact with clients and must work behind the scenes preparing sandwiches or packing meals.


Will I be able to serve food to clients?

We know that serving food to the clients is a highly desired area and it is our goal to place you in your area of interest; however, there are times when our need is in another area. We ask for your flexibility with placement.


Do I have to volunteer during the hours set by LifeNet4Families?

We have two primary shifts: 7 am - 12 pm and 12 pm - 3 pm. In order to maintain consistency and coverage; we prefer volunteers to choose a shift. However, if an exception is needed, then it must be OK'd by the Community Relations Manager by calling 954-314-9815.


Can I bring a group of family or friends with me when I volunteer?

Yes, we accept family and groups--however, they must register first. Please have anyone who has not registered go online to apply before coming to LifeNet4Families to volunteer. Anyone who is not registered will not be allowed to volunteer. 


Do you accept Court Ordered Community Service?

Yes. We accept community service hours for minor offenses. The court documents must be presented prior to serving any hours. Any major offenses, such as felonies, must be approved by VP of Operations and/or President/CEO. 


How do I sign up my student for High School Service hours?

Students who are required to complete hours for graduation must register with LifeNet4Families to become a volunteer. Student should supply the school documents to LifeNet4Families to complete and verify hours. Students under 18 may perform tasks such as: preparing lunch packages, making sandwiches, or packing meal bags.


What is the largest group size you allow to volunteer?

Currently, we accept groups up to 10. Any groups larger than 10 must be approved prior to planning. To inquire about a larger group, call (954) 314-9815.


I used to volunteer years ago, do I still have to register?

Yes. Applications are good for one calendar year. 

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