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Volunteer Hotline:


For individuals, register here!

For groups, start here!

Volunteer FAQs

Volunteered? Complete a survey.

If you require court ordered community service, then you must call for details and approval prior to registering.

Volunteer Testimonials: 

"I believe there are never enough hours for the LifeNet employees to do everything to support their clients. By volunteering, I hope I can do some tasks to help clients but also help the employees so they can focus on their critical work.  Volunteering also gives you the opportunity to witness their great work first hand while helping people in need."

Chris A.

Former Board Member & Active Volunteer

2023 Andy Cagnetta Distinguished Service Award Recipient

"Volunteering at LifeNet4Families is one of the best places I have ever volunteered at. Everything is very organized and the uplifting people and atmosphere keep me coming back. I have learned many cooking techniques all while serving my community in the most rewarding way!"

Camilia P.

Active Volunteer



If you know your way around the kitchen, or would like to see what working in a full service kitchen looks like, then this opportunity may be for you. Volunteering in the café is preparing meals, serving meals, washing dishes, or cleaning. This opportunity will require being on your feet for long periods of time.  A disposable hairnet, apron, gloves, and/or masks are provided.  



Have you ever wondered what it was like to work in a food distribution center? Volunteering in the food pantry, you will stand on an assembly line to pack food for our off-site food pantries, disabled families and community centers in the Broward County area. This opportunity will require being on your feet for long periods of time. 

The clothing room provides the basic necessities for individuals in need. Volunteering in the clothing room, you will be sorting clothing, hanging clothing, packing hygiene bags, or serving clients directly. The opportunity may require you to be on your feet, handling clothing, and light lifting. 



If you have office and computer skills and you would like to volunteer in the administrative office, then this opportunity may be for you. We always need assistance with data entry, filing, and making follow up phone calls. 



If you are a college student who is able to receive college credit for accepting an internship, then you can apply for the internship based on your major, such as: Public Service, Social Work, Business Management, Film & Production, etc.  This opportunity may require standing or sitting for long periods of time.

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