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LifeNet4Families’ Leadership Circles are comprised of donors who contribute a minimum of $1,000 annually to support the movement. Funds are used to support critical needs and innovative strategies to alleviate food-insecurity, homelessness and poverty.


Leadership Circles connect like-minded people who are passionate about the mission and feel a sense of urgency about finding solutions. These committed supporters have a strong desire to strengthen marginalized communities, ensuring equitable access to resources and opportunities for all.


Membership Provides:


A greater sense of Community Connection, ability to Multiply Impact through collective giving, opportunity to Learn More about the mission, the issues and the impact and a chance to Have Fun!


Members also receive:


  • Exclusive Access to V.I.P. Events

  • Select Volunteer Opportunities

  • Special Invitations to participate in on-line and in-person Community Conversations

  • Members-Only Social and Networking Events

  • Newsletters and other Informational Materials

  • Social Media and Website Recognition

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